About Us

GHETTO VENDING is a California Leader in low cost vending machine snacks and beverages.

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Funny name right? Ghetto Vending is just another way of saying we offer low cost snacks and beverages. Such vending prices will encourage your staff to use the machine freely, and several times a day.


We are serious vending operators with years in the industry, and dependable service track. 

Why GHETTO Vending? In our business model, we apply the term "ghetto" to a positive theme. We provide FREE modern vending machines, but much lower prices.

In this branch or our company, we offer vending services with the same high standards, but the focus is PRICE.

We provide vending machines with snacks & sodas at low "ghetto" prices so-to-speak. 

We find that at end of the month, lower vending prices translate into much higher sales volume than the competition. (the business model.. Walmart anyone?).

Low prices is the most effective form of advertising, and this puts us ahead of the competition. 

We provide vending services with you in mind, the american worker. Vending machines with near wholesale snacks, beverages and energy brands. Snack and beverages starting at 0.75 cents. 

Vending machines you can depend on. Cashless devices built in ready for your DEBIT and CREDIT CARD. (Who carries cash anymore right?).

Something did not go right? NO PROBLEM. Don't lose faith in us! 

Call our HELP LINE. We mail refunds directly to you - NO questions. 

Large volume corporate accounts, distribution warehouses, and manufacturing.

You will benefit from our Vending Services.

Survey research tells us, LOW price snacks & sodas is vending machine customer's #1 concern.

Business we serve:

>>Business Warehouses

>>Manufacturing facilities


>>Health Care Facilities & Hospitals



>>Distribution Centers

As the niche market leader in vending, we're constantly innovating and raising our standards, always applying new ideas and concepts. Our goal is to make our clients vending experience an even greater one.

Ghetto Vending is a Full Service Vending Machine Operator, offering  the snack and beverage brands you know and love - with NO reservations:

Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Shasta, Bang, Monster Energy, Rock Star,Frito-Lay, Twinkies, Big Texas, and much more.

We have a close symbiotic relationship with these manufacturers, and how we are able to offer you proprietor such low snack prices.

If commission profit-share is what you seek, we can certainly provide that too. 

In addition to a wide selection of common snacks and beverages. Our buyers combine the experience in vending operations with an in-depth knowledge of brands available in this great country of ours. This is what takes to keep you interested in our vending machines day-in, day-out.

Low Ghetto Vending prices keep our patrons interested, and the variety fresh! 

We respect, and share our values with other vending operators in the industry - a hard working bunch.

We are also committed to being considerate of the mission values, and principles of each organization we partner with. Our men and women Drivers are on the field daily, stocking our machines with your favorite snacks!"

Founder & CEO Carlos Reis